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Rocking Horse Droppings_edited.jpg

Rocking Horse Droppings

March 5th 2018

On the first day of the long summer holidays, a group of friends head for Springfield Park to play cricket.

A boundary hit results in the ball ending up on an adjacent disused railway line. While searching for the ball they find an old rocking horse, the head is missing and someone has hidden a large amount of cash in it.

They explore the rest of the tunnel, when they emerge at the other end they discover that the supermarket they know ought to be there has disappeared, and what they see is a railyard filled with steam locomotives. Somehow they have landed in 1941 and the country is at war!

Back in their time the robbers who hid the money are now searching for it. They know the boys have found it but don't know how they managed to escape. For them the end of the tunnel leads only to the supermarket car park as it should.

Their boss (the meanest villain in Liverpool) isn't pleased. Their return to Springfield Park as this is the only chance they have of finding the boys and the cash. The boys realise that the tunnel is the only way back home and both parties meet once more...

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