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Paul McDermott

A Talented Author

About The Author


Born in the Year of the Tiger, Pauls' natural curiosity combined with a deep-seated feline need to roam has meant that over the years he has never been able to call any one place home. His wanderlust has led him from one town to another and even from one country to another.

He has always followed his instincts without question or complaint and in true cat fashion he has always landed on his feet.

"I can't remember a time when I didn't write. My father claims to possess a story I wrote when I was six years old. Filling FOUR school exercise books. What I do remember from that time, was being told off for solving the Liverpool Echo crossword before he got home from work, Perhaps it was the catalyst of breathing the same air as Hans Christian Andersson. While I was living in Denmark, I allowed myself to be persuaded to write for a purpose instead of purely for my own amusement."

Paul has had a short play performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He hopes one day to buy a plot of land, Castle Island and Lough Key co Roscommon and rebuild the castle on the Island that used to belong to his ancestors. 

Yes. Location of Chapel of her Dreams is a real place.

Paul is a multi-genre author with many books already on his shleves. Including childrens books, Fantasy books, heritage fiction and poetry.

The Chapel of Her Dreams

Published July 2013

Allow me to introduce you to The Chapel of Her Dreams. 

Dreams are powerful. They can also come true. This story started from a dream. A short, vivid and recurring dream.

Volume Two of the trilogy 'The Island of Her Dreams' will be available later this year...


You can find The Chapel of Her Dreams on the Whimsical Publications website, Amazon and in person. 

Check the events page to find out where I will be next. 


Lough Key

Where a dream came true.

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